Personal Attention

Personal Attention

Achieving Client Goals

Your primary point of contact with OCN Group will be your dedicated account manager. They will harness their experience and extensive market knowledge to ensure your financial well-being and serve as your fiduciary in the investment markets. You will be in regular communication with each other, discussing changes to your investments and keeping you updated on progress.

Along with a team of people supporting them, your account manager will formulate an investment plan that aligns with your goals and objectives. They will keep you abreast of changes and upcoming opportunities, and by using the resources of the whole company, they will guide you down the path to ultimately achieving your goals.

Some of the resources available include:

Wealth Forecasting

OCN Group’s Wealth Forecasting process helps us make long-term investment decisions involving the allocation of investment asset categories for our clients and how different asset allocations might impact their long-term security

Wealth Planning Team

OCN Group’s Wealth Planning team brings together the specialist skills of experts in such fields as trusts and multi-generational planning to address wealth management and planning possibilities.

Strategic Planners

By collating the information gathered by our independent research team, reading external opinions, and reviewing current market trends, cycles, and other relevant data, we strategically plan and formulate strategies to move forward.