Where is Covid Leading Us

Where is Covid Leading Us

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The irony remains that were it not for the technological innovations and advances of the 21st century with the ubiquitous rise of social media, gizmos, and gadgets connected and hurtling about, that with few exceptions, have led all of us to our present unprecedented situation.

It's been nearly 12 months of nonstop global headlines with over two million deaths, according to the WHO. Latterly it's been new strains of more virulent or potent mutations of covid appearing, balanced against new vaccines and more efficacious remedies.

We now seem to have become hopelessly addicted to the hysteria that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Absented of all this new 21st-century technology and concomitant connectivity, this would not, could not be happening.

We can see how Bill Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, climatologists, the Davos/Bilderberg World Economic Forum brethren, and mainstream media orchestrate a belief in a dangerous pandemic in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada. But how could they possibly manage this in Russia, China, Africa, and South America?

Any rational person would think that at least one Government somewhere would realize that the reported high infection rate comes from the faulty PCR test that produces a high rate of false positives.

One would think that at least one Government would comprehend that the death rate is relatively low and limited to people with life-threatening health or pre-existing conditions and impaired immune systems.

One would think that at least one Government somewhere would use the HCQ-zinc treatment or the Ivermectin-zinc treatment, both of which are safe and highly effective cures instead of being hellbent on vaccinating their populations with new and untested vaccines of as yet unknown long-term effectiveness, but with possible/potential unintended and unwelcome consequences.

One would think that Governments would realize that 'lockdowns' are not only an assault on our liberties and democratic principles but, at best only act to the postponement of viral infection.

Rather they impoverish people, destroy businesses and communities, escalate defaults on debts and contracts, and disrupt food production and supply chains, resulting in a far greater threat to people than Covid.

Any right-thinking person would suggest that there should be enormous public discussion and debate of alternative approaches in the media. Instead, there seems to be evidence of ever-increasing censorship of all alternative views and explanations, and a uniform official explanation is imposed.

Such an enforced and uniform response to Covid does suggest orchestration. How the entire world can be railroaded in this course of action is hard to explain.

Maybe the world is so accustomed to looking to the US for leadership that the rising power of China and the CCP, and to a much lesser extent Russia, haven’t as yet gained sufficient authority and confidence in themselves to act independently of what America thinks is best.

If this is the case, then controlling the explanation in America controls the explanation for the world.

The consequences [intended or otherwise] of Covid are far more arbitrary control over people. That, and not public health, is what the imposed Covid measures are serving.