Unsustainable and Unimaginable

Unsustainable and Unimaginable

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Last month Bitcoin passed $20000, having tripled in value since the lows of 2020.

With most markets closed for the Christmas & New Year holidays, BTC nevertheless broke $29600 on January 1st, 2021, and in the first week of this New Year, it surged to over $34000.

With only 21 million Bitcoins in issue, it's impossible to speculate or predict as to how high it might go given its near-mythical status as the leading 'digital currency' in a world increasingly moving toward total digitalization.

While remaining agnostic on wholeheartedly embracing BTC, we have long supported some exposure to crypto and precious metals [Silver, Gold, Platinum] as all represent different strengths in these uncertain times.

Our preferred instrument of investment to those investors wanting exposure to BTC has since the late summer of 2020 been, and remains, MicroStrategy, which stood at $150 in September and closed on January the 4th at $425 after an intraday high of $444 as BTC endured a volatile trading day moving between extremes of $29000 & $32000.

Expect MicroStrategy to mirror the price of BTC, although we suspect it will continue to outperform.

Since Bitcoin's formulation in 2009, the Cryptocurrency has gathered many disciples, including Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, who confidently expects to see $100,000 shortly, and Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Investments. He predicts $400,000 longer term as he told Bloomberg News on December the 16th.

The general view explaining this dramatic escalation in price is that global investors have been steadily losing faith in Governments and their respective monetary and economic policies. This is particularly true since the onslaught of the Covid pandemic and its catastrophic financial consequences on travel, industry, health, and households.

All of which brings us to the ever-escalating global debt mountain heading to $300 trillion that, together with 'The Green Deal' addressing climate and environmental change, could be the main reasons for the 'Great Reset' that many believe is now underway and was predicated by the World Economic Forums [WEF] agendas of the Davos and Bilderberg elites [NWO].

American sovereign debt alone is unserviceable and unrepayable. If every tax cent were spent on repaying the debt, it would still take a century or more to repay it, and how would Americans exist in the meantime? In the past, a war would have been the answer to cancel the debt and pillage the enemy's resources (if they were defeated), but a present-day war would most certainly turn nasty and nuclear. The elite are intelligent enough to know that it wouldn’t be the sort of war where only peasants got killed, but a nuclear war that would kill a lot of them and their enablers as well.

It took the USA 230 years to run up the first $10 trillion, eight years to run it up to $20 trillion, and now four years to hit $30 trillion. That's quite a curve. Unless collapse beckons, guesses on the time for the next $10 trillion. How about two years?

So, what else can be used to cancel the debt? Let’s start with a bogus pandemic that would scare the wits out of the gullible public, then move onto mandatory vaccination with possibly dangerous untested and rushed to markets vaccines to weaken the publics minds and bodies even more than the unhealthy junk fast food they’ve been fed on for the past forty or fifty years.

But don’t stop there, the elite Chief Technocrat has perfected the nanotechnology required to implant tracking and listening chips as well, so the public can now be kept under constant observation. Then use the chaos and fear of a second or third mutating pandemic to abolish cash. After all, it could carry the Covid virus on its paper face or metal surface.

Cash is an anchor dragging back the good ship Global Ponzi. It has to be replaced with an exchange mechanism, a currency that can be manipulated ad infinitum to the benefit of the elite, a currency that has no basis in reality and is not underwritten or backed by any physical assets, a digital currency. Not necessarily BTC.

Finally, to keep the public sweet, give them a guaranteed income, tell them don’t worry, yes, we will provide you with a guaranteed income, we will pay your benefits, we will give you a genuine living income.

But wait, the guaranteed income comes with strings attached.

Strings such as you have to be implanted with the nano yellow Star of David tracker, and you have to give up all thoughts of ownership of property. The guaranteed income will come in the form of a plastic card giving you a credit line to your "guaranteed income."

A credit line that can and will be withdrawn without notice should you step out of line or dare to question or disobey officialdom, and your energy supply cut off by sending a message to your smart meter to shut it down. This is already being practiced by the CCP in China, euphemistically describing it as Social Credit, or in Orwellian prose, Good Obedient Citizen.

When all these steps have been taken, the reality will be that democracy has been abolished, and the human race will be living under a totalitarian technocratic autocracy.

Total control will have been achieved. This is maybe the plan for 2021 and beyond.