The end of zero Covid

During the past couple of weeks, much of the news in China has been about the coronavirus, especially the decision to end the "zero Covid" policy that had been in place for three years.

Xi rejoins the world

With his country becoming increasingly marginalized by the US-led world order, he has finally reemerged this week with Russia’s President Putin to put his vision for a feasible alternative on display.

China Companies Audit

The number of Chinese companies that could be delisted from US exchanges grew by three on Friday as Alibaba was among those added to the list in a long-running dispute over access to Chinese audits of their accounts.

ESG demand declines

First-quarter data show strong performance for cyber security, gold, and broader commodity funds. Flows into ESG exchange-traded funds aiming for better environmental, social, and governance outcomes amounted to just €13.5 bn in the first quarter

A Great Reset

Maybe we are witnessing the Great Reset or some sort of NWO being created almost as fast as the blistering array of sanctions against Russia are enacted.

Can Technology Crush Market Blues?

The Tech Bounce Back rally continued until Wednesday evening February the 2nd. After hours, Meta [FB] crashed the party falling 23% to $249 on figures that missed earnings forecasts. Daily active users fell for the first time since founding, together

COP 26 Concludes: Kicking the Can Down the Road.

The United Nations COP 26 has concluded and failed to make the hoped-for progress that ebullient Prime Minister Boris Johnson had prayed for.

Future Mindset

'Sell in May and Go Away,' the ancient stock market lore could well be sage advice and possibly heeded by many this year.

The Suez Canal

The MV Ever Given is owned by Japanese Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd but operated by Taiwanese logistics and transport conglomerate Evergreen by its maritime subsidiary, Evergreen Marine Corp, and registered in Panama.

Where is Covid Leading Us

The irony remains that were it not for the technological innovations and advances of the 21st century with the ubiquitous rise of social media, gizmos, and gadgets connected and hurtling about, that with few exceptions

Unsustainable and Unimaginable

Last month Bitcoin passed $20000, having tripled in value since the lows of 2020.