Legacy Services

Legacy Services

OCN Group Legacy Services

Leaving an enduring legacy for the benefit of future generations that includes more than assets and wealth is increasingly important. OCN Group’s legacy services ensure that a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and values are also passed on as part of our comprehensive estate planning and investment services package.

A Shared Outlook

While all wealth management and investment companies aim to increase your assets' value, few go the extra mile and help prepare the next generation of custodians to manage the family’s financial well-being.

Your legacy involves much more than merely cash and assets. We promote family members coming together to conceive a shared outlook on family financial matters, so all are well informed, involved, and understand the motivation behind decisions that affect family wealth.

Coaching the next generation of custodians

It is important that future beneficiaries are educated and coached in the responsibilities and requirements of becoming the new steward of family wealth. A well-educated custodian can take on the responsibility for carrying on the legacy to future generations without it becoming a heavy burden and detrimental to enjoying a full and active life.

Are your heirs ready?

Passing on Your Legend

Money and physical assets are only one part of an enduring legacy. Passing on an entire life’s worth of experiences and knowledge, good and bad, are invaluable experiences to help future generations avoid repeating the mistakes you may have made and instill the values that your family holds dear.

Future generations will have a greater appreciation of the hard work and struggle it took to accumulate your wealth if they understand your motivations and have a shared family outlook.

Involving your heirs

For families with the necessary means, charity, sponsorship, and philanthropy can extend over multiple generations. With a shared family outlook, your heirs will connect and understand the ties to the good causes you have supported and be more inclined to continue supporting them when they become the family’s financial stewards. Including the family in discussions about your motivations for what you plan to do and how you envisage the family legacy continuing makes them feel integral to the process and encourages their involvement. If your passion for philanthropy is understood and accepted by your family and heirs, it can prevent jealousy or feelings of being left out down the line.

Apart from financial and material assets, your heirs will benefit from inheriting your:

  • Values
  • Life experiences
  • Knowledge
  • Motivation

How We Can Help

The Family Services team at OCN Group has experience assisting multigenerational families with estate and legacy planning. Not only the financial aspects, but we have also helped coach future heirs and beneficiaries about how to manage their inheritance, so it always remains a blessing and never a burden.

We provide coaching and assistance so your family can:

  • Have a unified understanding of your values, motivations, goals, and concerns.
  • Use open dialogue to discuss legacy planning and financial management.
  • Create strategies to achieve your goals that the whole family can feel involved in.
  • Make plans to increase the financial knowledge of heirs in anticipation of them taking on the responsibility.
  • Convey a unified family mission.