Direct Stocks

Direct Stocks

The painstaking research process we employ at OCN Group is the foundation that enables us to deliver such significant returns. From appraising the global economic situation, studying geographical regions, countries, business sectors, and individual companies, we leave no stone unturned.

Collaborative teams of analysts pour over the details of fundamental, quantitative, microeconomic, and macroeconomic data before providing their reports, which in turn lead to selecting the equities that we believe will outperform.

We manage direct stock portfolios that incorporate holdings from a range of classes, such as large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, growth, and value. The opportunities, transparency, and strict regulatory system lead us to make the bulk of our transactions in the North American markets. However, we are not averse to venturing into smaller and less liquid markets if the opportunity for profit is there.

Another factor we take into account is the client’s attitude toward risk. Taking a chance on a holding that has excellent upside potential but also higher associated risk is appropriate for some clients but certainly not for all. Your risk tolerances are always respected and adhered to when making investment decisions.

Why direct stocks?

Direct investment into stock holdings in publicly listed companies is one of the most profitable long-term investments anywhere. History has shown that they can deliver more profit than comparable investments such as real estate or cash deposits.

Volatility in the share price is the driver of profit but can also be the cause of losses which is why we encourage all investors in direct equities to have a longer-term investment horizon.

Most of the investments we make in direct equities are made with a view to holding the stock for a medium to longer term, but occasionally situations arise where we feel gains can be made in the short term, and we do not overlook these opportunities.